Jenealogically Speaking

We visited our Grandmother Pfeiffer two or three times a year -- she lived a 2-hour drive away in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

The drive was not pleasant for me because I got carsick all of the time and it was a very windy 2-lane road.  When we got to her house, a very large, built by hand 2-story log home it was always fun!  The house was heated by a large wood stove in the kitchen.  They had indoor plumbing, but the bathroom floors were tile and boy was it cold, even in the summer (not to mention the toilet seats!)  We slept in beds with 2 or 3 really heavy wool blankets and a hot water bottle or heated rock.  Grandma played piano (one which I later received) and Grandpa Pfeiffer played the violin.  Their huge several-acre yard was populated with huge pine trees that we hung 2 hammocks on and played in.  There was a very beautiful magnolia tree, lots and lots of berry bushes and a "swimming pool" which was slabs of cement in the shape of a swimming pool.  It was inhabited mostly by lily pads, frogs, gold fish and moss -- but we swam in it.  Grandma Pfeiffer made braided wool rugs for the larger rooms in the house.

When we visited we often spent visiting time in the large great room.  At one end was a beautiful large rock fireplace.  The floors were planks where the kids would lay in sleeping bags to listen as the grown-ups including our aunts and uncles, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and "cousins" would talk about "family".  This is where I got my first insight into our family stories. 

Over the last 40 years I have enjoyed the chase, the mysteries and the fruits of learning whom I came from, where I came from and sometimes why I am like I am.  As I have time, now, I'm putting the fruits of my research online to share with others and benefit by the collaboration of resources and research.  The internet has been a huge boon to my research so here are links to some of my ramblings in research . . .

 Historical and Mysterious - Some of those "blocked" lines - can you help?

Quigley's from East coast to West coast - This has been my main area of research over the last several years.  Currently there is information primarily on my maternal Quigley line.  However I have a lot more on the paternal Quigley line that I haven't added to the database yet.  If you have family stories, pictures or anything that you'd like to contribute -- I'd love to hear from you! - a One Name Study for the descendants of Thomas Blachley who migrated to America in 1635.